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Awards Ceremony

New Mexico Hospital
Quality Awards

New Mexico's community hospitals strive every day for continuous improvement in clinical quality and patient care, always working to ensure better outcomes for patients and their loved ones. Through the NMHA Hospital Quality Awards, our Quality Committee, Board of Directors and staff leadership honor exceptional efforts each year. 


The Quest for Excellence Award is our flagship prize. The awards represent the highest level of professional acknowledgement from New Mexico Hospital Association’s Quality Committee, Members and State Hospital Associations across the country, recognizing exemplary projects aimed at improving clinical quality and patient care for the people of New Mexico.

The goal of the Quest for Excellence Award is to:

  • Recognize outcomes in quality performance practices, capabilities and results.

  • Facilitate and expand sharing of best practices information among hospitals in New Mexico.

  • Stimulate quality excellence in health care among member hospitals and health systems.

  • Promote and share your commitment to excellence with stakeholders across the state.

Submissions may include, but are not limited to, the following broad quality and patient safety categories:

  • Infection prevention and control

  • Reducing hospital acquired conditions

  • Care coordination

  • Implementation of zero harm and/or other high reliability strategies

  • Enhancing patient experience

  • Treatment and diagnostic innovation

  • Addressing health disparities

  • Workforce safety and wellbeing

  • Reducing waste and/or creating efficiencies

  • Building a culture of safety


Award Criteria & Scoring- Each project element is scored on a 1-4 scale:

1-Poor (Missing majority of components. Description hard to follow)

2-Average (Nearly meets or meets descriptions provided)

3-Above Average (Exceeds expectations, some evidence of best practice)

4-Excellent (Best practice evident throughout description)


Weighted Categories - Each category is weighted by percentage:

  • Leadership Engagement (5%)

  • Process of Identifying Need (5%)

  • Process Improvement Methods (5%)

  • Data usage to guide improvement efforts (15%)

  • Project Results (15%)

  • Sustainability Plan (15%)

  • Lessons Learned (15%)

  • Innovation (15%)

  • Inclusion of Health Equity Concepts & Patient and Family Engagement (10%)

Winners Receive

  • Professional media coverage

  • Engraved award, presented at ceremony

  • Professional group photo

  • Scholarship for CPHQ or CPPS

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