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Quality & Patient Safety

What does quality mean in healthcare? According to the National Academy of Medicine, quality healthcare is care that is safe, effective, patient-centered, timely, efficient, integrated and equitable. 

All true, and for hospitals, quality care is more than that. It is the shared experience between hospital teams and their community, the certainty that from the time a person becomes a patient to the time they leave that role behind, the very best care that could be given was given.  

New Mexico's community hospitals strive every day for continuous improvement in clinical quality and patient care, always working to ensure better outcomes for patients and their loved ones. Hospital quality is at the cornerstone of all the work we do, creating a healthier New Mexico by strengthening access to quality care. 

Each year we highlight and honor extraordinary accomplishments achieved by New Mexico’s hospitals in the area of quality care through the NMHA Quest for Excellence Awards.

Our New Mexico Education and Research Foundation

The New Mexico Hospital Education and Research Foundation (NMHERF) the supporting provider of quality improvement and patient safety resources for New Mexico Hospitals. As a subsidiary of the New Mexico Hospital Association, NMHERF serves member hospitals through initiatives to improve patient care and workforce professional development. Providing quality health care and ensuring patient safety are top priorities for New Mexico hospitals. Through innovative and aggressive statewide quality initiatives, New Mexico hospitals are working to become a national model for high quality health care. The contracts, grants, and programs administered by, and funded through NMHERF assist NMHA’s members in several critical areas to address healthcare needs in our communities. The focused areas include:

  • CPHQ/CPPS Scholarships

  • Quality & Patient Safety Fellowship

  • Social Determinants of Health Education

  • Infection Prevention & Control

  • Quality Improvement

  • TEAMSTEPPs Training

  • Emergency Preparedness


NMHERF pursues funding opportunities to provide financial and technical program support to NMHA members and the communities they serve.



Provide solutions to barriers and challenges that our members face in the healthcare industry.

Medicare Rural Hospital Flexibility Program (FLEX)
Hospital Quality Improvement Contractors (HQIC)
Children Embracing in Circle
W.K. Kellogg Foundation
Hospital Preparedness Program
New Mexico Hospital Quality Awards
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