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NMHA HealthPAC, the Association's related political action committee, is an integral component of our advocacy platform.  As New Mexico hospitals strive to build healthier communities for all,  NMHA advocates for a legislative and regulatory environment that protects and advances that critical work. NMHA HealthPAC is a non-partisan organization, a community of donors who support hospital healthcare champions in public office and work to educate decision-makers  on healthcare policy issues.

NMHA HealthPAC: 

What We Do


  • Contributions to committees to elect hospital-friendly legislators from all parties

  • Non-partisan contributions to committees to reelect members of influential, hospital-relevant legislative committees

  • Contributions to elected officials who can impact hospital-related policy

  • Political advertising, like the messages we ran in major newspapers around New Mexico, encouraging the governor to sign the 2022 tax and budget bills

  • Political education for lawmakers and the public, infographics, viseos and presentations that explain complex healthcare policy

Contribute to HealthPAC

NMHA members, including all salaried employees of member hospital and health system organizations who have professional/administrative and/or managerial/supervisory roles are eligible to join our community of donors, year-round. Do your part today.

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